Other Cleaning

Household: We will gladly clean any bedspreads, comforters, drapery, and linens that need a freshened up look. We can also help with small rugs and certain specialty items. Please allow three days for processing these items.

Leather: Leather and suede items may be cleaned within approximately 2 weeks. Due to the uncertainty of leather reacting to the cleaning process, the leather care company asks for a release before cleaning. With over 25 years of experience, most customers are pleased with the results.

Business Pickup: KC Cleaners has several businesses in the community that have a need for pick up. Please call if you would like to learn more about this service.

Alterations: KC Cleaners has offered expert alterations and tailoring since 1990. With the high demand on altering, we ask that approximately 2 weeks be allowed. At times, we can try to accommodate a 48 hour rush on emergencies.